In Case You Missed It: Prioritization & Rebaselining Public Engagement Round 1 Meetings

January 22-30, 2019, the City of Atlanta hosted public engagement meetings in support of its Renew Atlanta Bond/TSPLOST program prioritization and rebaselining efforts.

The meetings were held at four locations – one in each quadrant of the City. The purpose of these meetings was to inform the public about the program’s status, funding shortfalls, and to receive feedback for consideration in prioritizing the project list.

The format for the public engagement meetings consisted of two parts: 1) a general overview was presented by the City’s Deputy COO, Joshua Williams, and Renew Atlanta/TSPLOST Interim General Manager, Michele Wynn; 2) small-group breakout sessions were held to provide constituents with a more detailed overview of the three proposed prioritization scenarios and delved deeper into the project list. Constituents also had the opportunity to ask questions, provide their scenario preferences, and leave comments for response and/or consideration. Throughout the public engagement meetings, Council President Moore and Council Members Westmoreland, Dickens, Farokhi, Ide, Shook, Matzigkeit, Hillis, Boone, Overstreet, and Sheperd attended one or more meetings.

Answers to all questions submitted during the meetings will be shared in a summary on the website under the Prioritization & Rebaselining tab in the coming weeks.

For those unable to attend the public engagement meetings, please find the presented materials and survey below:

We appreciate those that were able to attend the meetings and encourage feedback from everyone.